Call Systems

Nurse Call

Under the Equality Act 2010, all nursing homes must have a suitable call system installed. The type of system required will depend on the relevant authority’s regulations and whether it is a residential or a nursing home. At Fire Safe Services Ltd our experts will give you advice on the system best suited to your environment and will help you to check everything is acceptable to your local authority and ensure it is within their regulations. We can offer a full design, installation, commission, handover and maintenance packages for an extensive range of Nurse Call systems in a wide range of residential sites.

Panic Attack

We can offer a full design, installation, commission, and maintenance package for an extensive range of Panic Attack systems for the protection of staff in all kinds of premises. For security guards, prison officers and drug rehabilitation workers, the threat of personal attack is all too common. Unfortunately, in today’s violent society, doctors, nurses, teachers, civil servants, shop workers, night porters and cashiers are just as exposed and the risk of a violent attack is very high.

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