Hochiki CDX DFG-60BLKJ Weatherproof Heat Detector No Base Required

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The DFG-60BLKJ is a 60 degree C Fixed Temperature Waterproof Heat Detector, the detector uses a bi-metallic strip to sense temperature change, therefore consuming minimal standby current and providing high reliability. The DFG-60BLKJ is particularly suited to environments which are exposed to high levels of condensation or are hosed down. The detector has a wide operating margin allowing it to respond to both slow and fast increases in temperature; it can also sense temperature reliably in a horizontal or vertical position. The DFG-60BLKJ requires no mounting base as short flying leads are provided for connection to the conventional zone and remote LED.

  • Waterproof design rated to IP67
  • Low profile shape
  • Utilises a bi-metallic ctrip to sense temperature change
  • No mounting base required
  • Minimal standby current


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